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Julie Loncar is a synesthete, meaning that her brain combines senses in unconventional ways. For her, numbers and letters are imbued with specific colors, shapes, and textures. This unique perceptual experience is the foundation of her artistic practice.

In her oil paintings, Julie brings her synesthetic vision to life, translating the sensory fusion of color, emotion, and memory into abstract works that evoke a sense of wonder and curiosity. 

Her paintings are often inspired by specific dates and words, anchoring the colors to tangible moments and emotions. These subtle nods to the real world serve as invitations to explore the unseen connections and colors that bind us all.

Through her art, Julie hopes to share the beauty of synesthesia with others, revealing the hidden harmonies that exist between color, emotion, and memory. Her paintings are windows into the boundless expanse of human experience, where the boundaries between perception and reality are gently stretched. By stepping into her world of color, viewers can discover new ways of seeing and feeling, and perhaps even catch a glimpse of their own synesthetic whispers.

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